Fairy Lake

The pride of Huntsville, Ontario, is Fairy Lake. Deep and rocky, the region’s topography begins to change, and Fairy Lake takes on characteristics more attuned to Algonquin Park, to which Fairy Lake is the gateway. Towering white pines tell the tale of its origin as a trade route and became home to the town in which Huntsville was named… Captain George Hunt. My home lake, we moved here when I was young, and I know it intimately. It has three exits: one that leads by an artificial dredged canal to Peninsula Lake, another to Mary Lake through the lift lock system and the Muskoka River, which leads through the town to Hunters Bay and eventually Lake Vernon. Year-round professionals and summer enthusiasts enjoy the proximity to town, shopping and hospitals. Properties for Sale Fairy Lake included Grandview condominiums, a golf course on the eastern end, and the twinkling lights of Huntsville in the West. When finding your dream cottage for sale in Fairy Lake, your search ends here with Muskoka Realtor Andrew Bulloch. Trust in his expertise and let your cottage ownership dreams come true.

In the Muskoka Real Estate market, cottages for sale in Fairy Lake stand out as excellent investments. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and discuss your preferences with us. Your perfect lakeside retreat awaits. It’s an easy decision if you’re looking for a year-round vibrant community on the water. https://fairylakeassociation.com/


Cottages For Sale in Fairy Lake

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